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Tricore Financial Management Services has an extensive global network of partners that can provide our clients with incorporation services on a global scale. Tricore FMS can provide its clients with the best information from local experts in the jurisdictions provided. This information will benefit our clients when deciding on a specific jurisdiction for both offshore and onshore companies to best suit our clients international business needs.

The information provided below will give you an indication of the jurisdictions for both Offshore and Onshore Company, Trust, Foundation and any other entity formations. As previously indicated, an 'offshore' solution can be complex and requires careful planning and execution. We therefore encourage our clients to contact us directly without obligation. We will gladly assist with a strategy on how to approach a particular challenge.

Please note that if the location you are interested in forming an entity is not listed below, you are welcome to contact us for further information.

  •   Australia
  •   Bahamas
  •   Beijing
  •   Belize
  •   Botswana
  •   Brazil
  •   British Anguilla
  •   British Virgin Islands
  •   Brunei
  •   Chile
  •   Columbia
  •   Costa Rica
  •   Cyprus
  •   Czech Republic
  •   Dilian
  •   Delaware
  •   Dubai
  •   Florida
  •   Geneva
  •   Gibraltar
  •   Guatemala
  •   Guayaquil
  •   Hangzhou
  •   Hong Kong
  •   Ireland
  •   Isle of Man
  •   Israel
  •   Jersey
  •   Jinan
  •   Latvia
  •   Liechtenstein
  •   United Kingdom - London
  •   Lugano
  •   Luxembourg
  •   Malta
  •   Marshall Islands
  •   Mauritius
  •   Namibia
  •   Nanjing
  •   Netherlands
  •   Nevada, USA
  •   New Zealand
  •   Ningbo
  •   Panama
  •   Peru
  •   Qingdao
  •   Quito
  •   Samoa
  •   Seychelles
  •   Shanghai
  •   Shenzhen
  •   Singapore
  •   South Africa
  •   St Kitts and Nevis
  •   Switzerland
  •   Thailand
  •   The Netherlands
  •   United Arab Emirates
  •   Uruguay
  •   Venezuela
  •   Zug
  •   Zurich

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Our mission is to add value to our clients and partners, provide world class service, strategic counsel, professionalism, effective solutions and timely responses. Our focus is to consistently achieve our client goals, build a high level of trust and ensure they are treated with respect in a professional and ethical manner, which will be the key to our long term success. Our mission is not to become the biggest and fastest growing service provider, but rather to focus on our client needs and grow with our clients at a steady pace by delivering an efficient service and developing a reliable reputation.


Our Vision is to constantly improve our professional relationships with both our clients and international partners, keep up to date with the latest international trends, technologies and legal matters that may affect our clients businesses, as well as maintain the high standard of our level of service and reliability.

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