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About Us

Tricore Financial Management Services was founded in 2014. The main reason of its establishment was to provide business partners with a service they were desperately seeking that was not being provided elsewhere. After long and careful planning, Tricore FMS developed an international network of regulated partners who are strategically located, professional and cost effective in providing our clients with all their financial service needs.

Tricore FMS was therefore established to create a one point of call service where clients’ needs and requests are taken care of without having to go through the processes themselves. This valuable service has proved to benefit many clients, especially those working across many financial jurisdictions. A list below will provide additional facts about Tricore FMS:

  •   We have a combined experience in the financial services industry of over 20 years
  •   Service Excellence is our priority and we do what we say
  •   We offer business and investment consulting services to high net worth individuals and corporates who are not only looking for solutions for their personal or business requirements, but mainly the excellent continuous project management service in administering their affairs after the correct, most effective and tax efficient structure has been formed
  •   The big advantage is that the international business or investment structure is monitored and guided by the client via one point of contact
  •   Through our regulated, reputable and experienced international business partners, we are able to offer our clients tailor made structuring solutions by taking advantage of the vast amount of services and experience offered by all of our partners worldwide

What sets us apart from the rest?

You have One Point of Contact and the benefit of the services of many international service providers in all jurisdictions. The clients are Not Limited to the services offered by a single service provider, who are then forced to deal with a number of service providers to achieve their goals.

There is No Limit to the types services we can offer to our clients, nor the jurisdictions. When dealing with a single service provider, one is restricted by having to adhere to their rules, regulations and ways of doing things in terms of how they will allow a client to operate his business, whereas we will find the solution that will best suit our individual client needs.

The clients are able to achieve their goals by receiving the services of various service providers worldwide, of which all the international services are managed by Tricore FMS on behalf of the client.

Tricore Financial Management Services Ltd.

Quijano Chambers
Road Town
British Virgin Islands
(+357) 96622573


Our mission is to add value to our clients and partners, provide world class service, strategic counsel, professionalism, effective solutions and timely responses. Our focus is to consistently achieve our client goals, build a high level of trust and ensure they are treated with respect in a professional and ethical manner, which will be the key to our long term success. Our mission is not to become the biggest and fastest growing service provider, but rather to focus on our client needs and grow with our clients at a steady pace by delivering an efficient service and developing a reliable reputation.


Our Vision is to constantly improve our professional relationships with both our clients and international partners, keep up to date with the latest international trends, technologies and legal matters that may affect our clients businesses, as well as maintain the high standard of our level of service and reliability.

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