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We offer the Setting Up of International and Offshore structures worldwide, as well as management and administration via our strong global network of regulated professional business partners.

Nominee Trustee Shareholding can be provided for confidentiality and to hold the shares on behalf of the Ultimate Beneficial Shareholder/Owner (UBO). Nominee Directorship can be provided in the various jurisdictions where required for management and administration of the entities or special purpose vehicles (SPV's), in order to also take advantage of the relevant Double Tax Treaty Agreements that each jurisdiction may have with other countries.

While the establishment of International Trusts, Foundations and Company Formations takes place, Tax efficient structuring and planning forms part of our tailor made solutions that are provided as per each client's specific requirements and objectives.

Trusts, Foundations and Companies can be formed in a vast amount of Low Tax or Zero Tax jurisdictions worldwide, depending on the specific business, tax and personal requirements, expectations and objectives of the client.

Succession and Continuation Planning, as well as Consolidation and Preservation or Protection of Wealth is of the utmost importance when setting up international business or private structures, be it for International Investment Holding, Business Consulting, Corporate Re-structuring for the reduction of tax, commercial business or trading purposes.

Opening of Bank Accounts and Broker Accounts worldwide is also provided for the various entities that are formed, depending on what will make commercial sense in relation to the type of business that will be operated or investments that will be held.

Accounting, Book Keeping and Audit services are also provided, for the preparing of financials in relation to all the entities that form part of the structure. This is a mandatory requirement in all jurisdictions, however auditing is optional is certain Tax Free jurisdictions.

We offer our clients a vast amount of experience in a variety of business fields and industries via ourselves, as well as our international network of professional and regulated business partners.

We have developed an extremely High Level of Trust through the personalised professional business relationships we have built over the past 20 years with our clients, whom have also become some of our best friends over time, of which this Trust and Friendship can only be earned over time with a lot of commitment and dedication from our part.

The level, speed, efficiency and quality of service that we offer is appreciated by all our clients and onward boasted about to their business partners, associates and friends.

Each client is highly regarded and will receive the best we can offer, no matter how big or how small their business venture or investment holding.

Contact us today for a non-obligatory confidential discussion on how we can help you meet your requirements and objectives.
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Harris has enough support from delegates to be Democratic nominee

The vice-president received support from a majority of Democratic delegates to become the party's nominee.

Tue, 23 Jul 2024 03:59:26 GMT - Brought to you by Tricore Holdings Ltd.

Former PM Lord Wilson sold papers to help fund his care

The two-time prime minister agreed to sell his entire archive to fund his care towards the end of his life.

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Netanyahu faces delicate balancing act in US after Biden exits race

The Israeli PM's visit comes at a chaotic time in US politics. Can he reset relations in Washington?

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The stars you won't see on the BBC salaries list

Michael McIntyre, Bradley Walsh and Alex Jones are among the stars whose salaries will not appear.

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Tax Treaties

Cyprus has signed double-tax avoidance treaties with Spain, Lithuania and Norway. The agreements became effective as of January 1, 2015, and are generally based on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Model Tax Convention framework.

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All three treaties apply to taxes on income as well as on gains from the alienation of movable or immovable property.Cyprus signed tax treaties with Switzerland, Guernsey and Iceland in 2014, but those agreements are pending ratification.

Cyprus Is Open For Business

Cyprus ranks 33rd on the Forbes Best Countries for Business 2014 Ranking. According Forbes magazine Cyprus is better ranked than countries like Mauritius and Malta. Click here to see the ranking.

Mauritius was ranked one place lower than Cyprus in 34th place and we have a good working relationship with our business partners in this jurisdiction. Mauritius has also signed a few new double tax treaties with various countries. Click here for further reading.

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